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AX Cloud features
that will grow your business

Manage products

Register various products in bulk. You can manage registered products in one place.


It is possible to manage products according to the desired unit.

You can see the status of product registration and channel sales in one place.

​Various products can be registered in bulk.



It is possible to register products on various channels at the same time.

You can check the status of products that are currently on sale through the link.

Travelers can be recruited through 26+ global online channels

Manage orders


1. Collect order

Orders coming in from multiple channels are gathered in one place.

2. Confirmate order

You can change the status of incoming orders in real time.

3. Send notification

Vouchers and notifications can be sent directly to travelers.


You can see the sales status by timeslot.

It is possible to manage orders by date.

Start selling your activities online

We are sincerely concerned about the growth of travel companies.

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